Health Tips while travelling

Health Tips while travelling

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During travel, it’s always a challenge to maintain the routine one is used when it comes to healthy traits. This is because with change of environment you might not be familiar with hence obtaining the usual supply will be a challenge.  Once is left to depend on takeout and processed foods as convenience becomes more necessary. There are some tips one can adopt to try and mitigate this changes.

One way is to adopt a healthy deep drive right before going on the trip. Seven days to the trip you can do a juice cleanse and partake a lot of water. This is basically ensuring the body is in great shape before you immerse it in the unpredictable indulgence.  Juice cleanse has great impact on the comfort during travel by abetting the chances of motion sickness or leg cramps.

Always carry the supplements while on travel. They are designed for convenience and thus should be easily carried around. Most common are Vitamin C and garlic oil capsules

Drinking a plenty of water is also great while traveling. If it’s by air, the air in the plane is usually drying at the low humid atmosphere. Again lack of free flowing airflow can increase chances of spread of airborne infections. If moving in the ground one should try to drink at least 2 to 3 litre of water daily. Water in most circumstances is easily available regardless of the destinations. If travelling to unfriendly environment one can carry water. Plan the water drinking conveniently with the vicinity of the washroom in mind. Lack of water can lead to kidney problems late on.

Drinking alcohol, tea, soda water or coffee should be avoided during flight. One can get dehydrated if the flight is long when you drink alcohol or coffee. Unfortunately most drinks on offer include the unhealthy canned sodas. If possible one should eat celery sticks as a snack as it will help in addressing water retention problems.

Finding time to have plenty of sleep is another challenge when travelling. Most airports provide waiting lounge which might have seats or couch for sleeping. It will of cause be a far stretch to expect anything cozy but you can try and manage with what is available.


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